Technical Information

Unique feature grooved beamBeams and Winding on

Construction of two-beam and three-beam looms, grooved beams and why using the groove makes a well-wound warp. How to make a temporary apron for the grooved beam. Adjusting the beater position. Using crankless beams and making an alternative beam crank if needed.









Loom of sticks and stringShafts and Heddles

Frameless construction of shafts, and holding them together with endpins and the heddles themselves. How shafts are hung. Adjusting springs and chains. Types of heddles to use and how to choose. How to make string heddles yourself. Raising the shafts for threading in a comfortable position. Terminology: what’s the difference between “shafts” and “harnesses?”


Unique feature ATS WINDING ON ROPETension and Brakes

Ratchet brakes versus friction brakes. Using a cotter pin to disengage the ratchet. Setting up and using the Automatic Tensioning System.








Treadling5 cord path sideTreadles and Tie-up

Setting up and using the side tie-up system. Threading the treadle cords through the treadle pulleys. Tying up on the side and tracking the pulling force from treadle to shaft. Threading the shaft cords through the top pulleys from side tie-up to the shafts.