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    Vera Totos

    Share your projects, ask or offer advice, support a fellow weaver.

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    Vera Totos

    Here’s my current project: Linen tea towels on an 8-shaft Jim Ahrens loom. The warp is striped with navy-dust blue – light blue- and ivory colors and threaded in a braided twill pattern. The weft threads change from towel to towel, using the same colors as in the warp, plus added natural flax.

    One great thing I learned in this project: When winding a long warp with fine linen threads, it helps to lightly starch the warp. I sprayed it on while on the warping reel, after every 100 threads or so, and let it dry before taking it off. I helped prevent any twisting and curling during beaming and fuzz formation during threading and weaving, making it a joy to weave with linen.

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