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    Hello guys,
    I’m setting up my new loom and have run into problems. From the drawing I have ( a copy uploaded to this message) it seems like after the warp is on the beam and threaded through the heddles it goes around a metal beam in front that has sandpaper attached to it it has a ratchet and handle but it seems like it doesn’t collect here as on my previous looms but continues over two more metal tubes which convey it onto the ‘cloth beam’ located directly below the warp beam in back.
    There are two tensioning devices one a slotted wooden bar that weights attach to and can be moved forward or back for adjustment. There is a small pulley on the end and a rope goes around this pulley up to a larger pulley on the warp beam and ends tied to a spring attached to the loom frame.
    The other starts with a cord wrapped around a wooden pulley attached to the top frame at the front of the loom. It goes back to two more pulleys mounted on the top frame near the back of the loom. There is another small pulley that supports a weight and rides between these two pulleys. I guess the rope then goes down to a pulley mounted to the end of the cloth beam.Not sure where it is tied off to??
    Does any of this sound right?

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    Hey I figured out part of this after a lot of head scratching….Next I’m just going to try and put a short narrow warp on and see if I can’t figure out things as I go along.
    I’ll check back with better questions after this trial.

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