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      Some older Ahrens looms have weights to hold the shafts down instead of springs. I received an inquiry about replacing some weights that were missing. “Someone suggested they might be weights used on fishing nets for ocean fishing. We were missing 8 of the Ahrens’ original weights, so we bought a solid metal rod (?) of the same weight as the original weights and cut to the same length, had a hole drilled through the end, threaded a cord through, and use them to complete the shaft weights. FYI, in case anyone else needs to replace them. “

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      Nancy Wheeler adds with her photos: “Our guild in northern WI got this loom when a local weaver from Chicogo, passed away . We don’t know how whe happened upon it.”

      “Here is a picture of the original weight for my  Ahrens loom next to the one we made to replace the missing ones. I wrapped the new rod in electrician’s tape so it wou ldn’t make so much noise clinking against the otheres.”

      “I have also attached, just FYI some pictures of my  Ahrens loom, in case it gives y ou a hint as to the age…”

      Does anyone know when Jim Ahrens stopped using weights on the shafts so Nancy can date this gorgeous and wonderful loom?

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