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      I live in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York. Anyone know of a loom that might need some tlc? As Philenore pointed out that might be the easier route to a loom for me. I don’t mind cleaning and making missing parts. I do have another loom if the exchange part interests you. Of course a loom for sale in working condition is another option. ;>)

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      A woman in Berkeley is selling two unique looms.

      Loom #1 is a 20-shaft mechanical dobby loom, 40″ weaving width – the
      first dobby loom Jim Ahrens ever made. (Jim Ahrens was the “A” in
      “AVL” – an amazing loom builder/engineer.)

      Loom #2 is a 90%-complete dobby drawloom, 30″ wide with 20 shafts,
      also designed and made by Jim Ahrens. The loom is complete except for
      the beater, a warp beam, and a few other pieces. It comes with
      detailed plans, so a decent woodworker should have no trouble putting
      together the other pieces.

      The owner needs to clear out both looms by April 16 – so she says,
      “Just make me an offer! Any offer!” After that the looms will be cut
      up for the wood (her husband is a woodworker), which seems a real pity
      considering their unique nature and history.

      If you want more information, feel free to email me (I have some
      photos she sent) or else contact her directly at
      1gingerdragon@gmail.com .

      peggy osterkamp
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      This loom is in the Monterey Bay Area in California. Probably a bit far for your purposes! It is a Very early Aherns. 4 shaft, direct tie, 30″ weaving width. It hasn’t been used in many years but has been stored in dry storage room and appears to be in very good condition. I took a quick snapshot with my phone and see it doesn’t do the loom justice. I could return to the owners house, open loom properly and take better photos if you are interested.

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