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      Hi fellow tinkerers.
      I’ve been following Peggy’s blog and Instagram account. She knows me from IG where I’m known as yatescountyhome. I live in Middlesex,NY in yes…Yates County. It’s not what a lot of people think of when you say you’re from New York. No tall buildings or oversized apples. It’s pretty rural. We live on a dirt road. The Village of Middlesex doesn’t have a four corners just a Tee or what I call a 3-corners. :>) It’s a nice place to live and raise a family.
      I’ve been weaving for a while but would rank myself as a beginner. I started out weaving rag rugs and still do. I’ve been trying to come up with more than simple plain weave but still find that fun too. I sold that loom, a Union. It felt like a connection to the past but I needed the space. I added a couple of other looms and have been branching out weaving other things. I’ve been hoping to build a loom for some time now. Unlike Jim Ahrens I’m not an engineer but hope I can learn more about looms here before I get a build going. I do feel like I better get started though if I’m ever going to make this dream a reality.
      Can’t wait to meet others on this forum. Many thanks go to Peggy and Vera for taking the time to get this forum started. What a resource.
      John O’Shaughnessy

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      Hi John,

      If you can locate an old Ahrens loom that is in pieces and needs to be renovated, that would be easier than making one from scratch. I happened to be offered one that was in pieces in a barn near me in New Mexico. It needed new shafts and a new beater, new cords, clips, cleaning, etc. It was a challenge and ended up taking several years (and much help from my husband and many other people), but now that it’s back together it’s a beauty. I just wish this website and forum had been available while I was struggling with figuring out how the loom even went together! Finding Jim’s original patent with drawings was a big help.

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