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      Some of the pins don’t want to screw into the holes in the Dobby Bars, is there a way to work around this. Can the bars be replaced?

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      Fixing the dobby bar holes when the pegs fall out: All credit to my husband who recommended this easy fix.
      –Lay the bars out on plastic wrap or aluminum foil (this will make sense, I promise) No pegs, but peg side up.
      –Add a good drop of Elmers glue into the hole and then insert a peg. Do this for all the holes that are loose (I did all of mine)
      –Set aside until the glue has set up–about a day.
      –Unscrew the pegs and peel the bars off.
      Voila! Ready to weave.
      Yes, the bars can be replaced. AVL will make them. I ordered a set in August and received them yesterday. I also know that Bruce at Purrington Looms planned to make the bars, but I haven’t followed up with him.

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