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    I’ve been trying to decide why Jim Ahrens designed a 10-shaft loom; 8-shaft structures plus two shafts for plain weaver perhaps. I’ve found a few 10-shaft weave structures. I’m wondering what other people are weaving on this loom.

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    Vera Totos

    10 shafts are great for weaving 8-shaft patterns and a plain weave selvedge or a plain weave block to separate pattern blocks.

    Also, excellent for 2-block designs in 5-shaft satin.

    I love weaving on a 10-shaft loom, most recently I wove a series of satin damask scarves. I used 2 blocks, each using 5 shafts. When I wove off the first warp in silver grey, I decided to tie on a second warp in the same design, this time in black. That one is still on the loom, but I’ll have photos soon.

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      It’s nice to see that you’ve joined the discussion, Vera! Silence has reigned for too long on this site. Thanks for the ideas. When I asked Peggy why Jim designed a loom with 10 shafts but only 10 treadles and she observed it was for exactly what you said — for weaving plain weave along with other patterns.

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